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Playstation 3: Beyond the Box (GDC 2006)

Published March 22, 2006

Focusing on the new creative, technical, and business opportunities provided by the arrival of PlayStation 3, the keynote will share Sony Computer Entertainment's innovative plans for the format and will provide a look at how new technology and new business models will help fuel the growth of the computer entertainment industry by attracting new consumers. SCE is recognized as the global leader of the video game business with over 200 million hardware units and billions of software units sold across the three PlayStation formats. The recent global success of PlayStation Portable has shown the company's commitment to continued innovation/developing the market beyond the traditional definitions of the game consumer. This keynote will look at the tremendous opportunities presented to game developers worldwide as the industry goes beyond the box.

Speaker: Phil Harrisongdc

Run time 58:43
Audio/Visual sound, color


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